Where to Go?


Where to Go and What to Do in Merida?

Click any Category and it will take you to that list.  Click on any of the locations and you will be immediately redirected to their landing page on Google Search.  Enjoy!

Also, if you’d like to see some suggestions of destinations to visit, you can check out the following link of the “51 Best things to do in Merida”…..just so you know, you’re already doing #1…open the link and you’ll see what we mean.


Categories Include:


Almadia Seafood Restaurant
Wonderful outdoor seating right across from the beach in Progresso

Apoala Oaxaca Mexican
Truly one of our favorites with a great selection of Pastas, Seafoods and Meats.  Modern twists on Traditional Oaxaca, Mexican foods.  Note: They also have a “Speak Easy” so  be sure to ask your waiter to gain access.  Great liquor selection and amazing mixology!

Crabster Seafood
Huge selection of local and international seafood options.  One is up North and the other on the Beachfront in Progresso.

Grados 130 Steakhouse
Unique steak choices and selections.  Expensive, but they do offer Beef Wellington!

Hennessys Irish Pub
Great Irish and quality pub food choices, an indoor bar, front, middle and back (upper) terraces and Live Music.  You’ll typically find a large mix of Mexican and Expat People.

KUUK – Food Science
Pricy, but wonderful Mexican Food Science and dining experience restaurant.  Reservations a must!

La Tratto Italian
Wonderful location with a bar, outdoor garden seating, great food, selection and location.

La Tratto Italian Santa Lucia
Same as above, with a more limited menu, but located in Santa Lucia Park.

Micaela Mar & Leña
Midrange seafood restaurant with a great selection and traditional Mexican flavors.

Mercado 60
Open air space, offering 18 restaurants with park like, outdoor seating and Live music.

Miyabi – Sushi
Best Sushi we’ve found in Merida.  Some indoor dining, but the outdoor atrium is nicest.

Oliva Italian Restaurants
Oliva is one of our favorite restaurants for Pasta.  They have 3 locations, so ask us which would best suite you and the area you’re looking to travel.

Sonora Grill Steakhouse
A mid to high priced steak house, with Seafood options, but meat is the main fare.



Casa Chica
Great location for a pre-dinner drink and some nibbles on their outdoor terrace.

El Cardenal Cantina
Night time cantina with local pub food, beer, tequila and Live Music

Hennesey’s Irish Pub
Great Irish and quality pub food choices, an indoor bar, front, middle and back (upper) terraces and Live Music.  You’ll typically find a large mix of Mexican and Expat People.

La Negrita Mexican Cantina
Great location for live music, Mexican Bar Foods and a lot of people!  Closes at 10pm.

Mezcalerida La Fundacion
Mexican Bar offering a variety of beers and a huge selection of Mescal’s with Live music



Cenote Hacienda Mucuyche
One of our favorite tour guided cenotes.  Great experience. Watch the roads driving!  Bring your swim suite, a change of clothes and make a reservation for an English speaking guide.  Time slots only, but highly recommend the earliest as it gets busy fast!

Note:  There are so many wonderful Cenotes throughout the entire Yucatan, that I simply have a link you can click below to take you to a Google Search page listing the various ones.   If you have any other questions or need some recommendations,
just ask, we’re happy to help.  CLICK HERE



Hacienda San Pedro Ochil
Extensive Traditional Mayan foods, drinks and desserts

La Hacienda Xcanatun
A French restaurant serves refined cuisine in a chic setting and on a terrace; an elegant bar has a retro atmosphere. Other amenities include an outdoor pool and a spa.

Hacienda San Ildefonso Teya 
Great restaurant!  It is located in the Kanasín Municipality in the state of Yucatán in southeastern Mexico. During the seventeenth century it was one of the largest and most profitable cattle ranches in Yucatán. It was converted to agriculture and during the nineteenth century was part of the henequen boom.

  There are so many Hacienda’s located in Merida and throughout the Yucatan.  We recommend that you simply check out the link below (it will take you directly to the Google Search of “Hacienda’s in Merida”) or you can get in touch with us to find out what  you are wanting to see or do and we can guide you in the right directions.   CLICK HERE


Chichén Itzá
Spectacular and world renowned, however, it is 130 km drive (approx. 2 hours) and is extremely touristy.  There is very little shade, very hot, lots of lines and limited options.

Our Favorite destination for really enjoying a day touring the ruins, walking the vast open grounds, you can have lunch there, get a guide if you so choose.  It’s a wonderful experience and well worth the visit.

Izamal (The Yellow City)
Located in Izamal Yucatan is known as the yellow city and for good reason. You will find this charming colonial town awash in the color yellow. Izamal is also known as the city of hills for the pyramids that dot the town.  It is 165 km (approx. 2.5 hours). Start early!



Santiago Market
Daily market that is open daily 4 Block walk – See the local map we left you for directions.  Great local market with fresh from the farm produce, flowers, tortillas, meats and food stands. Vendors are kind, prices are very reasonable. Highly recommended!!

Mercado San Benito
Located in Merida’s South, it is a very old, traditional, eclectic and very extensive market.  It is very easy to get lost inside, so keep your senses.  You can eat, shop for traditional, fresh spices, clothing and daily, unique items.  No
need to be too flashy here at all.  Talk to us regarding more details if you plan to travel there.

Slowfood Farmers Market
Walk or drive – about 1.5 km from Casablanca (Saturday ONLY) 9am – 1pm.  50% Expat and 50% Mexican vendors offering a huge variety of fresh, local produce, baked items, meats, cheeses and more.  Definitely worth a visit!



Café Crème
Excellent place for breakfast or lunch.  Great selection of cheeses & breads for sale!

Bistro Cultural
Excellent place for breakfast or lunch.  2 locations – 1 in Santiago Park – 4 block walk!

Zinc Comfort Food
Located on Paseo Motejo, offering a great selection of Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Bar, with great service, pricing and atmosphere.

Typical, but located on Paseo Montejo with outdoor seating in a Colonial Home.



Aki Express
Full market (less fresh meats) – located just 4 blocks from Casablanca and includes limited options for hard alcohol, but they have some.  7am – 9pm (Mon – Fri) and 7am – 6pm (Saturday and Sunday)

10am – 8pm Typical Costco – all international memberships accepted.

Mega Soriana Hiper
7am – 10pm Full blown grocery store including alcohol.

Superama / Walmart Express
10am – 9pm Full blown grocery store, including alcohol and FREE DELIVERY!

7am – 10pm Typical Walmart from Food, clothing, alcohol and groceries



La Europea City Center
FULL BLOWN Liquor Store that also offers a deli with various meats and cheesesIt is located in the North of the city.  20 – 25 minute drive.  Uber drivers will take you there and back with no issue.

Go to Groceries or Convenience Stores, as they all offer / sell alcohol (more limited for high end products – BUT – much closer!)



Limited variety of beers and coolers, chips, chocolate bars and cigarettes, but is located  1.25 blocks from Casablanca

Located across the street from Santiago Park is a short walk from the house and is reminiscent of a typical 711 convenience store. They also have a limited variety of beers and coolers, chips, chocolate bars and cigarettes and more.



Sorry, but no spa massages or treatments of any kind on our furniture, bedding, towels or anything in the house.  Sorry, we have had past incidents that cost $1000’s of dollars in sheet replacements, furniture and tile stain removal and a great deal of time keeping things clean for others.  If spa’s come to you, they MUST bring all of their own products and their own massage bed/s.
“Thank you in advance.  We hope you understand our position on these concerns”.

Rosas & Xocolate Spa                          Boho Spa Centro
Urban Masajes                                      Coqui Coqui Merida
Merida Spa                                             Spa Merida Yaakun
Sac-nicte Spa                                         The Thai Spa

“Do get in touch with us should you have an other questions, thoughts or ideas.  We would love to help make your holiday a complete vacation!”
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