Local map

We provide a local map of Merida and you’ll be able to find many resources in many of the magazines that you’ll find at the house.

Local Map

Upon your arrival, we have prepared a complete booklet about the house and it’s workings and the community and area around us. As we are located in Centro Historico (The Historic Center of Merida) so finding immediate needs is as quick as a short walk.

Ways to get around:

Casablanca Living is located in the Historic Center. We are in the Colonia of Santiago and within a short 4 block walk is the main Park and Mercado (Local Public Market). There you will find daily fresh flowers, fruits, vegetables and plenty of local Taqueria’s (Taco Stands). Across from Santiago Park is a Full Grocery Store called Aki (Like a Safeway) a 24 Hour Store called Oxxo (Like a 7 Eleven) a Mexican Movie Theater, a Meat store and so much more. Nearest to us (all within 1 block) is a convenience store and a bakery.

For those that wish to walk more than 4 blocks and take in the scenery, sites and local flare, you will find clothing stores, shops, a multitude of restaurants, cafe’s, bars and local historical features, events and markets. All of these features will be clearly explained once you arrive to give you more options, all based on your immediate needs or those in the coming days.

CommutingLocal Jaunts Around the City
Uber is the easiest, most efficient and least expensive way to make your way around and throughout the city 24 hours a day. Again, we will guide you through the best places to go and advise you of some of our favorite places, based on your individual needs.

Car Rental – You can rent a car directly at the airport (at your preferred company of choice) or we can put you in touch with someone who will rent you a car and deliver it direct to the house (Minimum 3 days). They are quick, professional, speak English and are highly recommended.

Hire a Driver – You can hire a driver for the day or parts of a day to take you to various highlights outside the city. This can include Cenotes, Beaches, Mayan Ruins, Haciendas and so much more. Again, you can do your own research and ask our advice or simple book on your own and make it an adventure.

Whatever your choice, we will always be happy to hear about your plans and guide you through your choices to ensure your getting the best experience and value for your dollar.

Should you have any questions, thoughts or want to plan some dates, Contact Us today and start planning your vacation memories with us at CasablancaLiving.com today!

We truly look forward to seeing you here and help make your vacation spectacular and memorable!

“Thank you for visiting us!”

Steve and Sanda