Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy of Casablanca Living

Our Intentions:
Casablanca Living respects all visitors to our site and that includes your privacy. SPAM is not sent and is certainly not part of our mandate. We do not share any information personal or otherwise from our visitors, friends, relatives or associates with any third parties.

See more details below regarding our Privacy Policy:

Use and Collection of Site Visitor Information
Your use of our site is simply gathered to determine statistics to help us understand what you like, what you use and how it is used, which in turn, helps us make our site better for you, the user. Further to this, only voluntary information is ever collected through our correspondence through email.

We take pride in being completely versed with our Policies, Practices and Procedures in handling your personal information to ensure it is not gathered or used by outside sources. Use and disclosure from any outside, unauthorized source/s is protected with every possible measure.

Any and All Credit Card information is not an issue for us or for you, as we do not use any “Customer to Store” transactions. No collection of information is done through the site. All transactions, security deposits and deposits are made through PayPal.

We do not store ANY information about your use through our site, including such things as, Your Location, Address, Phone Numbers and Email Addresses. Any and all identifiable information that you provide is not stored on our site. The site is simply a portal which gives you access to information about us and our property, which allows you the ability to learn and know exactly what you are looking to rent and the resources we have provided to make your choices easier to book.

Site Usage, Searches and Click-Through
All statistical information about how you use our site is collected in aggregate format only. This simply allows us to understand the click-through information on how you use the site. This allows us to better understand what is important to you and how we can make things better when visiting the site.

Cookies and Log Files
Cookies are not stored on our site. All entries and logs are made only when you perform a search on the site, however, since we do not offer a “Search” option on our site, this is actually irrelevant and information like this does not even exist.

Protection of Site Visitor Information
Casablanca Living does not report any data to anyone and your usage is not tracked by anyone.

Notification of Privacy Policies
Casablanca Living simply wishes to inform you (The Visitor) that we aim to keep your personally information confidential.

Opt-Out / Removal of Information
We do not offer an opt-out option, as we at Casablanca Living do not collect any for us to opt-out from.

Use of Site by Minors
Casablanca Living does not knowingly collect personally identifiable information from children under the age of 13, as well, our site is user friendly and does not have content that is unsafe for children.

Casablanca Living further does not promote, condone or endorse the dissemination of information, or sale of products and services to minors when prohibited by law; including the dissemination or sale of pornographic materials to minors, and the sale of firearms, tobacco and alcohol to minors.

Site Visitor Interaction with Stores
Our site does include links to third-party websites and Casablanca Living has no control over the privacy practices of these websites, nor of those members. Once you have visited a link from Casablanca Living to a third-party website, the visitor is responsible for obtaining Privacy Policy information from the third-party site.

Accessing Personal Information
If you have any questions about the Privacy Policy for Casablanca Living,  Contact Us