Where can I shop for groceries & household goods?

Santiago Park is the closest, as it is only 2 blocks away on Calle 57 y Calle 70 and has a basic grocery store, daily market, laundry, restaurants and just about anything else you can think of. But you will find more familiar shopping at Superama or Megatorres, located just North on Paseo Montejo. If you plan to take a taxi, simply let them know where you want to go as they are all very familiar with many of the shops.

If you enjoy wine, there are some good Italina, Chilean and Argentine varietals at Megatorres….and of course, there is a Wal-Mart, Superama and Costco.  To find it, you will go to Paseo Montejo and Perez Ponce. Wal-Mart has underground parking, where the taxi can wait for you while you shop.  At the check-out, you may want to tip the grocery baggers a few pesos as they are typically senior citizens or very low paid kids.

How about shopping malls?

While it is probably more fun to shop with the local merchants and directly with street vendors in the parks and plazas, Merida also has the Gran Plaza Shopping Mall for more practical needs. Gran Plaza is Merida’s largest shopping mall with two floors and 200 stores including: Sears, Commercial Maxicana (a grocery store), Nine West, Zara, Mundo Deportivo, Sanborn’s (an upscale coffee shop), Joyeria Ramos, Berlitz, Mix Up and Hallmark. Your Taxi will know the location of Gran Plaza

NOTE: Do not confuse Gran Plaza with Plaza Grande which is located in Historic Centro.

Where can I find a local map?

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