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Casablanca Living Reservations

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About Our Home

Renting our home is certainly a more cost efficient than a hotel and more private, when you consider that you can have several people to share in the cost of the place, plus you have your own kitchen, pool and yard area. In some cases you can rent our home for a month for what you could rent a hotel for a week.

Please remember that you are renting a home and not a hotel room. There will not be daily maid services with change of sheets and towels. We do provide many wonderful amenities and necessities including soaps, toilet paper and usual amenities.  View or Amenities page for more details.

While we are most willing to provide you with the most amount of details about our home and the surrounding areas, please keep in mind that we are not associated with car rental companies, travel agents or able to provide concierge services.

When you rent a home you quickly get into “Living like a true Yacatecan and the mode of life here…”Prepare to relax!”. You will soon become part of the community as you become a regular at the shops and markets. The more you associate yourself with your neighbors, shop keepers and caretakers, you’ll soon realize how quick you’ll start learning Spanish.

Enjoy the life of being in Merida……we know you’ll be back again!


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